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This page provides links to books, articles, and spaces where you can learn more about mental health. Accessibility is highly lacking within our medical system, and it is a value that guides how I show up as a care provider. My goal is to empower you with information to make positive decisions about your wellbeing. These resources rotate periodically. Check out what's featured below.

Feeling Numb? 3 
Trauma Informed Tips

People Often Ask Me: 
"What's the secret to finding a therapist?"

Are you overwhelmed with finding care?

Have you been trying unsuccessfully?  

Do you have no clue where to start?

This step by step guide is for you.

Learn which type of practitioner to see, how to pick a format and approach, explore a script to help navigate the complexities of insurance, and make a confident decision with the help of worksheets and decision trees.

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Free Guide

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