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Expressive Arts Therapy

I provide online, in-person and hybrid sessions, engaging you in the process of creative therapy to help navigate burn out and change. If talk therapy has felt uninspiring before, Expressive Arts Therapy can help reignite a sense of vibrancy in your day to day.

My Clients &Their Needs

My clients value community, justice, the environment, and empathy. They seek connection, clarity, simplicity and inspiration to make new and different choices. They are artists, teachers, entrepreneurs and caregivers.


You can expect warmth and enthusiasm weaved with humility and guidance in our work together.

I help you welcome hard moments as opportunities for self-inquiry and evolution, support you in retelling the stories of your life in your own empowered voice, and boldly mirror back what I believe is possible for you with encouragement, authenticity and humor. 

Image by Ren Ran

Session Fees & Insurance

New Client Intake $225

Weekly Session $200

In Network Benefits: I accept Premera & Lifewise.


Out Of Network Benefits: I provide a superbill you can use to seek reimbursement from your insurance. 

Payment is accepted via debit, credit, HSA and FSA.

Milestones I Help You Reach

Pivoting from stuck places: relationships, habits, career path.

Finding joy in the simple things like rest, breath, and nourishment.

Releasing old stories that no longer serve you. 

Rediscovering a passion for self-expression and creativity.

Living in alignment with your personal values and sense of truth.

Growing a loving connection with the body as your home.

Learning to value yourself in the broken paradigm of capitalism.

Image by Caroline Veronez

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