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Therapy Tailored To You

I am a Humanistic and Relational therapist. This means I believe both that you are the expert on your life and that meaningful relationships can shape the way you see the world. I tailor our sessions by combining three distinct methods in varying degrees, so you can transform trauma into insight and imagine new ways to thrive.

Method One:
Expressive Arts Therapy

This approach engages creativity 

and imagination to integrate elements of human experience that are difficult to investigate and process verbally.

-Done in the form of 5-20 minute guided creative activities in session 

- Focuses on process over product 

- Emphasizes freedom of expression​

- Can involve art, music, movement, writing, poetry, guided visualization, drama, vocalization

two Black and two white hands touching in front of a neutral background
a person seated on the floor uses pastels on a pad of paper

Method Two:
Somatic Therapy

Body oriented therapies invite us to prioritize sensory based information received from our nervous system rather than our thoughts to better understand the impact of cognitive and emotional blocks or stressors

-Engages all aspects of our senses

(touch, sight, smell, sound, taste)

-Allows deep, real-time processing of

triggers and activation

-Motivates development of greater safety

and ease in the body

Method Three:
Trauma Informed Care

We know that the impacts of trauma are stored in our nervous system. This method of care brings awareness to individual and systemic level harm that lives in your body, and developing compassionate, thoughtful intention toward living in your truth.

- Invites deep self-reflection and awareness of key identities and experiences

- Encourages development of a compassionate and global perspective​

- Supports a healing mindset of transformative justice and accountability.

My work is not one-size fits all.
Each session is as unique as you are.

Guiding Principles Of Care

You're Not Broken

Therapy isn't a place to "fix" ourselves, but a place to develop more awareness and try out new skills.

Context Matters

We're deeply influenced by our lived experience. I will actively invite you to reflect on your identities.

Healing Is Circular

Growth is not linear. We make mistakes and repeat old patterns. This is totally normal and expected!

Trust Is A Process

Feeling safe enough takes time. I empower you to ask questions and set boundaries in session.

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