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A Tool for Accessible Care

We are approaching the tail end of 2020, and it continues to be a strange and exhausting time. This pandemic has transformed everything: the way we engage with strangers, shopping for groceries, making plans with loved ones... You know the list, because just like everyone else, you've been adjusting for months.

Being a therapist is usually an experience of many shades, most notably humbling and incredibly powerful, as people invite me to witness their most trying times, their most vulnerable selves. Since March, the way I sit with clients has slowly shifted in response to the limits of tele-therapy. Now that technology holds a much more powerful role in what was previously a connection of physical "being" together, there's a tangible yet difficult to describe energy shift. This in-between space of knowing something has to change but not knowing what that is or how to do it is taxing in most circumstances. Layer in an upheaval of social consciousness, a planet on fire, an election year, and winter approaching, and we've got a level of uncertainty unsustainable for any human.

This is how Liminal came into being.

Liminal is an accessible and easy to use self-care workbook. Filled with mental health tools, resources and prompts, it's meant to be a supportive guide as we collectively move into the fall and winter seasons of a very difficult year. Not a replacement for therapy, but rather an addition to any care practices you already engage in; this workbook is an accessible way for those who do not have access to 1:1 therapy to activate their imagination for how to cultivate nurturing practices.

The first half of the book provides opportunities to reflect on your lived experience in the world and develop concrete wellness possibilities for the coming months. It is also meant to serve as a reminder; a place to turn on the days when you can’t remember how to engage in the practices that bring you back to the home to yourself.

The second part of this book provides you with activities, prompts and resources to engage as you deepen your commitment to yourself and the wellness possibilities you established at the beginning.

You will also find contributions by talented creatives sprinkled between the pages, sources of inspiration and hope. Submissions of art, poetry, short-stories and photography are being accepted through October 16th. Artists will be compensated $50 and announced on October 18th via instagram.

Liminal will be available for digital download November 1st. The print version will be available for a donation based fee, with all proceeds benefitting organizations committed to racial and social justice in King County.

Liminal Is Currently Out of Stock. If you'd like a copy, reach out.


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